Water-Cooled Chillers

Paratus Rentals features factory-supported 225 ton – 1000 ton Water-Cooled Temporary Chiller Rentals.

Water-Cooled Chiller Rentals

Factory-supported 225 ton – 1000 ton Water Cooled Chiller Rentals.

Paratus Rentals is here to provide Turn-Key Water-Cooled Chiller Rentals NY DE MD NJ CT NYC PA Philly Wash DC Long Island ranging from 225 tons – 1000 tons.

Why would you need a Water Cooled Chiller Rental?

  • If your existing chiller has damage beyond a quick repair.
  • When you have a planned maintenance shut down.
  • If you need to add capacity for increased production.
  • When you need extra capacity due to weather.
  • If existing equipment is not performing at full capacity.
  • When your equipment has been storm damaged.
  • If you are replacing existing equipment.

When you rent from Paratus Rentals you are getting a portable Water Cooled Chiller that is:

  • Factory supported and maintained.
  • Factory inspected and tested before each rental.
  • Has full Factory documentation & updates.

Paratus Rentals provides full-service, Turn-Key, Water-Cooled Chiller rentals that include engineering, mechanical construction and installation. Paratus Rentals provides full Turn-Key installations that connect directly to your existing systems. No matter how impossible your installation may seem, we can RIG it, CRANE it, SHORE it, WELD it, and PIPE it so your chilled water system is back in service quickly!

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Turn-Key Water Cooled Temporary Chiller Rentals

Your Paratus Water Cooled Chiller Rental NY DE MD NJ CT NYC PA Philly Wash DC Long Island can be paired with our portable diesel generators to provide a stand-alone solution. Paratus Rentals also provides a full range of accessories:


  • Rental Hoses with both Victaulic and flange style connections.
  • Temporary Air Handlers from 5,000 CFM to 35,000 CFM plus.
  • Rental Heat Exchangers that are fully scalable.
  • Temporary Pumps to be remotely mounted.
  • Rental Power Cables to connect to your power source.
  • Temporary Transformers to match building power.

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