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Paratus Rentals, your #1 choice for COMPLETE Turn-Key Chiller Rental in the 5 boroughs of New York City!

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Air-Cooled Chiller Rentals

Factory-supported 10 ton – 500 ton Air Cooled Chiller Rentals.

Water-Cooled Chiller Rentals

Factory-supported 225 ton – 1000 ton Water Cooled Chiller Rentals.

Turn-Key Chiller Rentals

At Paratus Rentals, we have the experience and ability to fully install any Turn-Key Chiller Rentals.

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Paratus Rentals is a Turn-Key New York City Manhattan Temporary Chiller Rental company.

At Paratus Rentals, we feature Air-Cooled chillers to 500 tons. We also feature Water-Cooled chillers to 1,000 tons. Additionally, we provide Diesel generators to power them if on-site electricity is not available.

Turn-Key installation services are available with your Temporary Chiller Rental. Paratus Rentals has in-house complete Engineering, Steel Fabrication and Mechanical Construction. Paratus can RIG it, CRANE it, SHORE it, WELD it, and PIPE it so your Rental Chiller is in service quickly!

What’s the Paratus difference? “We do it Right the First Time!”


Anywhere where a Temporary Chiller Rental in NYC is needed, we can install them without hesitation because:  

  • Paratus Management has been installing Temporary Chillers in and around Manhattan since 1990!
  • We are on call 24/7/365 with a Live Person answering the phones!
  • Paratus Rentals is Centrally located near Rt. 95, giving us direct access up and down the North East Corridor.
  • Our closest Paratus SteelFab is located right outside the city in NJ with Direct Highway Access.

Years Experience in the Industry

Completed Projects and Counting

“…a special emphasis on TURN-KEY installations!”

Along with your Temporary Chiller Rental, with have external Air-handlers, Pumps and Cooling Towers for a complete rental solution with a special emphasis on TURN-KEY installations!


Paratus Rentals is committed to providing efficient, flexible, cost-effective and on-time temperature solutions to its clients. We achieve this through a full range of world-class rental products, fabrication and installation services.


At Paratus Rentals, we believe the ability to perform consistently and generate positive results is how a company is evaluated within its industry.

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“We Say What we Do and Do What we Say” 

Paratus Chiller Rentals can design and provide systems that produces enough chilled water to cool an entire city block! We offer complete turn-key installed solutions with project management, engineering, mechanical construction, operators, fueling, and maintenance services.

Chiller Rental in NYC

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